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Revelation of Doom - Gorgoroth

Revelation of Doom

Under the Sign of Hell
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Gorgoroth, meaning “land of great despair”, is a black metal band from Sunnfjord, named after the dark plains of Mordor in J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Led by guitarist Infernus (a.k.a. Roger Tiegs), it emerged in 1992 as a trio including vocalist Hat (‘Hate’ in Norwegian) and drummer Goat Pervertor. The band, based in Hyllestad, debuted on April 28th 1993 with a demo, entitled 'A Sorcery Written In Blood', featuring two tracks ‘Sexual Show more ...

Revelation of Doom - Gorgoroth

Revelation Of Doom

Grab a bomb and a load of ammo
Nothing to return
.......To the gates of hell, the holy trinity will burn.

Bow down for the damnation
Bow down to the battle and praise for war
Bow down --------
--------Christian and--------

Day of doom
Lucifer returns
Day of death
Satan s eye will burn.