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Soul Is Dead - Glass Cloud

Soul Is Dead

Perfect War Forever

"This song was hardest one to write. It paints a picture of what happens if you let your darkness get the best of you. It is the absolute death of the soul. It also brings the lyrical tie-ins full circle. "I fucking hate the person I've become just like you one breath from the soulless scum I fucking hate the person I've become just like you one breath and I've got nothing left" "Trapped Like Rats" teases this part, as well as the themes of peace from "How To Survive Suicide" but here it comes full circle because it's the last mention of it and the last mention of the phrase “perfect war” before I kill the whole battle with: "If the axe keeps falling down don't let it catch your neck take hold of it now and swing it the fuck back" This is a "fight fire with fire" song that ends with the inner darkness cutting the neck of anyone who tries to get in its way. This is the action of the man who has truly lost sight of his soul and has been backed into a corner with no options, left only to swing his axe as hard as he can until he has made a mess of everything around him and himself in the process. It’s truly stupid and un-evolved view of how to deal with struggle, but it's one we have all found ourselves in at one time. It's the primal urge–kill or be killed–the one that could tear the world back down to ruins like it has time and time again for millions of years. It's Perfect War Forever." - Travis Sykes

Glass Cloud is an American progressive metalcore band from Hampton, Virginia formed in 2011 by Jerry Roush, Joshua Travis, Travis Sykes, and Chad Hasty in late 2011. Lead vocalist Roush was formerly the vocalist of Sky Eats Airplane and Of Mice & Men, while Joshua Travis was also the guitarist for the djent band The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza until 2012.The band released their debut album, The Royal Thousand on July 10 on Equal Vision Records. Show more ...

Soul Is Dead - Glass Cloud

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