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Memorandum - Glass Cloud


The Royal Thousand

"This is the only song that was fully written in the studio. I came up with the idea of writing a song from the standpoint of a guy who finds out the meaning of life. He's trying to explain it to another person, but in these times humans are just too jaded to even pick up on some real heavy shit like that. Even if there were answers to all the shitty things that go on with the human race, people probably wouldn't even be listening for them. Nobody is really concerned with solutions. People just want to watch the whole shit house go up in flames, so this character in the song gets incredibly frustrated with his inability to help his fellow humans. The line "I seldom dream of you/A dream of you would shroud my perfect view" is him saying, "Forget it, I'm just going to enjoy myself. Y'all will figure it out if when you're ready."" - Travis Sykes

Glass Cloud is an American progressive metalcore band from Hampton, Virginia formed in 2011 by Jerry Roush, Joshua Travis, Travis Sykes, and Chad Hasty in late 2011. Lead vocalist Roush was formerly the vocalist of Sky Eats Airplane and Of Mice & Men, while Joshua Travis was also the guitarist for the djent band The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza until 2012.The band released their debut album, The Royal Thousand on July 10 on Equal Vision Records. Show more ...

Memorandum - Glass Cloud

You re not gonna like this
The way it comes across the eye
I m not gonna fight you
I m just gonna open your mind
You ll catch your death out there
If you don t come inside
There s no need
To run and hide

None the wiser
Only real eyes realize
What the lies are
Realize from the start
What the lies are

I m torn up inside from the sight of it
Young man, I m a messenger
Yeah, a message that burns so slow
But, oh what a breathtaking scene
I m not gonna fight you for it
I m not gonna fight you
There s no need
To run and hide

I seldom dream of you
A dream of you would shroud my perfect view

I see clearly now
Shine so vibrantly
And stretch across the sky
As man,
We re just
Pacing back and forth
And walk between
The memories that hang
Across the earth

I see clearly now