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Royalty - Gang Starr


The Lightning Fist
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Gang Starr was an influential American hip-hop duo, composed of late rapper Guru (Backronym for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, real name Keith Elam) and DJ Premier (real name Chris Martin). Premier originally from Houston and Guru from Boston, but they were based in and represented Brooklyn, New York, epitomizing the New York City hip-hop sound. The entirety of Gang Starr's catalog, especially Step In The Arena (1991) ,Daily Operation (1992), and Hard To Earn (1994) are well-respected among critics and hip-hop heads alike. Show more ...

Royalty - Gang Starr

One of the meanest and the cleanest
And still I'm kinda fiendish when I'm at this
Been doin this for eons
Peons best to catch this
Vision of excellence
Precise rappin ability
Bout to make some dead presidents
Mackin a million g
The money though it's got people actin funny yo
As soon as some niggas get some life
They be like dummies yo
Products and puppets and pawns
Gettin played out
When authentic niggas step up respect be laid out
Major effect to your sector I'm the corrector
Live and direct wavin my mic like a scepter
Supreme exalted universal leader
Descendants of the kings and queens the overseer
The overlord cream of the crop creme de la creme
Spent years buildin with cats in the streets so they my men
Again Gang starr has done it
Remember too much jewelz
Back in the days you got to run it
Check it the ground be hot under our feet
So we be listenin to beats to keep the cipher complete
Whether you kids be holdin on the block all day
Or you be puffin la out in the back hallway
Oor whether you be in school or in the library
Wherever you are baby paw
Realize that your essence is divine son and let it shine son
As we refine son
Ay yo this shit'll blow your mind son
We're royalty

And all the girls they want to spoil me
But honey anoints me with oil g
After work she greets me and treats me like royalty
Works with me givin herself by my side
She don't sweat me for loot my fame or my ride
A lot of ladies out there be lookin lovely
But they don't got no control of their life inside their ugly
Word to bugsy and to red alert
Sway and tech and funkmaster flex to make your head jerk
Chicks go bezerk when they see us in the spot
K Ci and jojo and primo creepin to the top
And to the sweethearts out there breakin hearts
While we're taking part of this hip hop art
Listen yo the best way
It aint always the fast way
And yes the best way
It aint always to act nasty
I'll open up the door always before you pass me baby doll
Because you're royalty