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Above - Finger Eleven


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Finger Eleven is a Canadian rock band from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 1989. They have currently released six studio albums. Best known for their songs One Thing and Paralyzer, Finger Eleven is an alternative rock band that has earned a devoted following. Their first album, Letters From Chutney, was recorded under the name Rainbow Butt Monkeys, with money won from a rock band search contest on local radio. They changed their name to Finger Eleven for their breakthrough Tip Show more ...

Above - Finger Eleven

Inside i'm gone
You knew that all along
Without the distance you never get away

Plastic bag image
Is over now it's over now
The color fading is all the way to grey

We are strong but we're dumb
We look above

Trusting the instinct
Is not about what you think
The one reaction is only to obey

And i'm staring
All around not far down
Judge the distance from the ground and pray
We are strong but we're dumb
We look above