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Betrayal - Fiction Family


Fiction Family
acoustic guitar folk Mellow male vocalists

Fiction Family is a musical collaboration between Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins. The duo released their self-titled, full-length album on January 20, 2009. Fiction Family originally went by the name, "The Real SeanJon," a name jokingly chosen in the hopes that Sean "Sean John" Combs would sue them. According to a blog post on Watkins' website, they started the collaboration in 2005, writing songs together. Show more ...

Betrayal - Fiction Family

I don't remember much about that night.
But I'm pretty sure it rained the day I died.
I think it rained, I think it rained.
I'm pretty sure it rained the day I died.

You and I were always closest friends.
It's women that make enemies of men.
A pretty face, A pretty face.
A pretty face would one day do me in.

Her eyes were like the winter when she goes,
Holding secrets only winter knows.
And Winter knows, Winter knows.
Winter's seen the wolves in women's clothes.

She came to me in middle afternoon.
We held each other close the whole night through.
And love was blind, Love is blind.
I never saw her let you in the room.

Someone always wins
And then they write a book.
I sing my defense
Fingering a different crook.

A gun shot was the only word you said.
And all of my defenses came out red.
Love was red, Love is red.
She left with you, you left me lying dead.

So I watched her as you put me in the dirt.
She had my wallet tucked inside her skirt.
And I went numb, I went numb.
So I'm not dead if what you did don't hurt.