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Maboko Pamba - Ferre Gola

Maboko Pamba

Qui est derrière toi ?
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Born in Kinshasa in the town of Kintambo, March 3, 1976, Hervé Gola said "chair de poule" possesses, exceptional artistic qualities. With its charming voice and melancholy, this artist has the power to captivate the ear drum music lovers. In addition to the potential for a good singer, author of "Sens interdit" skills are prohibited percussion and piano. That is what makes him a complete musician. As part of the orchestra Wenge Musica BCBG 4x4 all-terrain at the time, Hervé was really artistically within the group Wenge Musica/Werrason. Show more ...

Maboko Pamba - Ferre Gola

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