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Ghost Train - Feargal Sharkey

Ghost Train

Feargal Sharkey
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Feargal Sharkey (born Sean Feargal Sharkey on 13 August 1958, in Derry, Northern Ireland, UK) is a singer who first found fame as the lead vocalist of pop punk band The Undertones (1975), famous for the hit single "Teenage Kicks". Before his actual solo career took off, he was also the singer of the one-shot group The Assembly, with the ex-Yazoo supremo Vince Clarke in 1983 (with their UK singles chart number 4 hit, "Never Never"). His best-known solo material is the 1985 UK chart-topping single penned by Maria McKee Show more ...

Ghost Train - Feargal Sharkey

Take the ghost train away from freedom
One minute you're there and the next you're not
The game's called surprise

Guess the change has come
And the worst part about it is
You don't know what you've done

Ghost train, ghost train
You get a one way ticket on a ghost train

It leaves no time to ponder
No time to change your shoes
It's a fast paced game that you're certain to lose

When you hear that whistle blowing
Just stop what you're doing
You gotta get that train on the road to ruin

Ghost train, ghost train
You get a one way ticket on a ghost train

The compartment is so tiny
There's only room for one
The conductor is so huge
That he blocks out the sun

You can reach for the cord
But don't try to pull it
The windows are one way
So you can't see through it