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I'm Doin' Me - Fantasia

I'm Doin' Me

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1. Fantasia Monique Barrino, or simply Fantasia (born June 30, 1984 in High Point, North Carolina), an African-American rhythm and blues singer, who came to fame as the winner of the third season of the television series American Idol. Fantasia has released two studio albums Free Yourself in 2004 and more recently the self-titled Fantasia in 2006. Both albums have spawned R&B hits, namely Truth Is, Free Yourself, and her first #1 single When I See U. Show more ...

I'm Doin' Me - Fantasia

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah Oh
Said I, Said I Yeah Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Sometimes as women we give more than we should to a man
That just don't treat us good, No
Gave him my heart, my time, did all that I could, in the past
To keep him here with me yeah

But now I woke up, opened both my eyes up, realize that I don't need any other
Man, if he can't love me equally, then he don't need to be with me
Nothing more beautiful than knowing your worth & need
I know exactly what I deserve, Oh, Oh, Oh

I'm doin me, this time around
I'm doin me, don't need you now, I'd rather be by myself
I wont let your drama hold me down
I'm doin me, this time around
I'm doin me, cause I've found it now, I'd rather be by myself
I'm doin me yeah

Won't spend another minute wasting my time on a man, Oh
That only tells me lies, No
Aint saying No No No No, that I don't need love, but them games, Yeah
I don't need that in my life, No


Now I could pray for you to act right everyday
But it aint up to me to make you change, hey yea, yeah
Life is to damn short to live unhappily, yea
So I'm being selfish, putting myself in 1st place