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Rush River Rush - Enter the Worship Circle

Rush River Rush

Second Circle

This creative wellspring was established in 1993 by Ben and Robin Pasley, the creators and producers of the best selling Enter The Worship Circle family of recordings including the tribal First Circle, Second Circle, Third Circle and NEW RELEASE: Fourth Circle; and don't forget the electro-pop fusion Village Thrift featuring Todd Berger; and the acoustic Chair and Microphone, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3. Their studios are in Woodland Park, CO. Ben and Robin began their musical careers as the highly acclaimed 100 Portraits. Show more ...

Rush River Rush - Enter the Worship Circle

Rush, river, rush
Touch, Spirit, touch
I need You so much
Wash me clean
Make me new again

Something's sweeping over me
I yield to, I feel You
Something's washing my heart clean
I yield to, I feel You
Someone's setting my soul free
I yield to, I feel Your love

I wish, Lord, I wish
To be part of this
I want to feel Your kiss, lover of my soul
Cover me with love