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Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten

Freight Train

Freight Train And Other North Carolina Folk Songs And Tunes
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Elizabeth "Libba" Cotten (January 5, 1893 – June 29, 1987) was an American blues and folk musician, singer, and songwriter. A self-taught left-handed guitarist, Cotten developed her own original style. Her approach involved using a right-handed guitar (usually in standard tuning), not re-strung for left-handed playing, essentially, holding a right-handed guitar upside down. This position required her to play the bass lines with her fingers and the melody with her thumb. Show more ...

Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten

Freight train, Freight train, run so fast(
Freight train, Freight train, run so fast((
Please don't tell what train I'm on(
They won't know what route I've gone ((

When I am dead and in my grave (
No more good times here I crave(
Place the stones at my head and feet(
Tell them all that I've gone to sleep.((

When I die, Lord, bury me deep(
Way down on old Chestnut street(
Then I can hear old Number 9(
As she comes rolling by.