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Car Bomb Derby - Electrocute

Car Bomb Derby

Troublesome Bubblegum
Electroclash electronic electro female vocalists rock

There are multiple artists with this name: 1 Electrocute is a Los Angeles-based electronic band originally formed in Berlin. They are rock'n'roller skates mean guitar and electronic soup chicks who play twisted pop, iggy pot, baddass low down and dirty lolli bop music. This is girls on the run, stripped down rock'n'roll made on whatever machines or weird electronics the duo dug up in their cramped studio: The Gummi Zelle (or Rubber Room to those unfamiliar with Germanic dialect) Show more ...

Car Bomb Derby - Electrocute

Crush, crush, demolish, crush, crush, crush and demolish
I wanna race with the president, enigmatic mask man
We wanna race with the president
In a car bomb derby, in a car bomb derby

While the engine purrs, let the games begin
This is a game that you just can't win
I'm high on the gas, still in second gear
Now watch me go fast,
'Cause we have no fear.
In a car bomb derby, in a car bomb derby.