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Medicated - Downthesun


Nu Metal metal rock alternative industrial metal

Downthesun is a six-piece nu metal band from Kansas City, Missouri. The band was formed by bassist Lance "Kuk" Collier and samples operator Nathan Church who were in the band together that opened for Slipknot in mid 1999. This put them in touch with Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan. After deciding to replace their guitarist they auditioned several players, The band went through several line up and name changes before becoming Downthesun. The line up that recorded the album in June 2001 was: Lance Collier - bass Show more ...

Medicated - Downthesun

Injecting life into a hole
Capturing freedom through the smoke
Expanding thoughts though pictured squares
Happiness from lines smear your face

Hiding which is scarred
I want you high
Get all stung out
A medicated world prescribes smles

Drowning the sickness is the cure
Pouring the liquid sanity
Brutal affliction bottled soul
Who really cares what life is for

Follow in my footsteps


Get all stung out
I need my thrill


It's a wonderful life
It's a wonderful lie

Get all stung out