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Gruesome Gary - Down By Law

Gruesome Gary

All Scratched Up!
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Punk rock band formed in 1989 by former All, DYS and Dag Nasty frontman Dave Smalley, who is the only permanent member. The band has recorded 7 studio albums. They stayed on "Epitaph Records" until 1998 and have since switched to other labels. Down by Law has never achieved substantial commercial success, but a number of largely popular acts cite them as influential. After several lineup changes, the band went on hiatus from touring and recording in 2003 Show more ...

Gruesome Gary - Down By Law

I remember when we walked as one
And all the truths were known
And we were scrappers in the schoolyard fights
Talked tough on the telephone
But there was always one big guy who feared nothing and no one
His name was gary and he looked so mean
He wasn't a lot of fun
When he walked by, you got the fuck out of the way
Now gary was the schoolyard bully
Didn't have a lot of friends
He had kids do his homework for him
Stupid til the end
On graduation day he stood the tallest, and he got his degree
He couldn't add two plus two
Let loose on society
When he walked by, you got the fuck out of the way
Gary was
Was the top cat in his day
Everybody said that he'd get his someday
And I swear to this day that I still see his face
When I have a bad dream at night he's the monster to my right
Now gruesome gary met his match at a young and tender age
He got a whipping at the mall one night, and the police took him away
The town cheered and the geeks all jeered, but i'll just make a bet
Gary will live on in infamy -- he was the meanest guy you ever met!