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Little Ghetto Boy - Donny Hathaway

Little Ghetto Boy

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Donny Edward Hathaway (October 1, 1945 – January 13, 1979) was an Grammy Award-winning American soul musician. He signed with Atlantic Records in 1969, and with his first single "The Ghetto" (1970), Rolling Stone magazine marked him as "a major new force in soul music." His collaborations with Roberta Flack took him to the top of the charts and won him the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for the duet "Where Is the Love" in 1973. Show more ...

Little Ghetto Boy - Donny Hathaway

Little ghetto boy
Playing in the ghetto street
What'cha gonna do when you grow up
& have to face responsibility?

Will you spend your days & nights in a poolroom?
Will you sell caps of madness in your neighborhood?
Little ghetto boy

You already know how rough life can be
'Cause you've seen so much pain & misery

Little ghetto boy
Your daddy was blown away
He robbed that grocery store
Don't you know that was a sad, sad ol' day

All your young life you've seen such misery & pain?
World is a cruel place to live, and it ain't gonna change
You're so young, you've got so far to go
Don't think you'll reach your goal, young man
Hanging by the poolroom door

Little ghetto boy
When, when, when you become a man
You can make things change, yeah
Hey-hey, if you just take a stand
You've got to believe in yourself & all you do
You've got to fight to make it better
Then you'll see how others will start believing, too
Then my son, things will start to get better

Hey, everything has got to get better
Everything has got to get better
Everything has got to get better
Everything has got to get better