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If - Dara Rolins


Get Down

Dara Rolins, also known as Darin[k]a Rolincová (born Darina Gambošová, December 7, 1972) is a Slovak recording artist and entrepreneur. Her music career began at the age of nine, after being cast in television musical Zázračný autobus (Miraculous Bus) in 1981. The early role established a formula for her regular assignments as a child singer and resulted in recording her debut album Keby som bola princezná Arabela (1983) on OPUS Records. By her late teens Show more ...

If - Dara Rolins

If I really new
love smells like you
would t tell lyies zu
my heart and soul feels
sad and blue
would you be so kind
once more freak my mind
I ll close my eyes
loving you feels so nice
cause baby you r my first prize

7 days without you
feels empty, lost and blue
7 days I m brand new a angry too
only you 4 sure knew to play
the game with me
I hide and seek my feelings

and lost the key...

If I really knew
love smells like you...

embrance on the floor
see my backs still sore
go on and on
you knew how episily I bruis
It s sorensess I would never lose

2 more days I ll chase
my dreams I ve lost in you
take some blaze of glory
just be carefull walking trough
you re the heat I need
you re perfect,
you re the shit
so please come to back to me
caouse you re the key.