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Honey Revenge - Dance Gavin Dance

Honey Revenge

Acceptance Speech
post-hardcore rock soul alternative alternative rock

Dance Gavin Dance is an American post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California in 2005, out of the ashes of Farewell Unknown and Left Apart. The band is well known for their relatively frequent lineup changes, which, most notably, involves a fluctuating lineup of vocalists, both on tour and on record. Dance Gavin Dance incorporates many different musical genres into their palette, such as screamo, funk, and soul on top of its post-hardcore sound. Show more ...

Honey Revenge - Dance Gavin Dance

I will never let you leave my sight
I've been staying up lately, all night
Making sure you get to bed safely
Dreaming of when it will be you and me
You go there and I'll go too
I'll be the one that follows you
Watch you sleep and watch you wake
Notice all the moves you make

Be your rock, I'll be your guide
Without you it's suicide
Can't wait till the day we meet
Until then I'll watch you sleep

I'm just tying the knot
Can't wait to catch you all alone
Girl, then I swear I'll take you home
Whether you want it or not
Whether you like it or not

I've got the sickest picture, of you in my mind
I get the strangest urges, all of the time, inside
Take part in this demonstration, rope mixed with wine
I hope to follow through with you cause the timings right

Stuck inside the living room
Tangled faces, glow in tune
Commenting is hardly rude
I can't monitor what I consume

Body count competition
Childhood memory demolition
Slap your wrist, except the sentence
Ain't my fault if I'm irrelevant

I'm always watching you