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Assassin 333 - Craft

Assassin 333

Fuck The Universe
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Swedish Black Metal band: Craft, formed AS "Nocta" in 1994, is a Swedish black metal band from Dalecarlia, Sweden. Their lyrical theme engulfs issues such as destruction, death and evil. British rock band: Craft was a British rock band formed by William Gilmour after leaving The Enid, together with Grant McKay Gilmour and Martin Russell. The band produced a self-titled mini-album in 1984 featuring Enid-style instrumentals based on six Signs of the Zodiac: "Aries", "Taurus", "Gemini", "Cancer", "Leo" and "Virgo". Show more ...

Assassin 333 - Craft

Wrathful forces unleash themselves via disturbances through the cosmos.
Darkness absorbing stars.
Kliffotic elements defiling life.

Uex and madness switch the essence of happiness.
The essence of the human mind is now contaminated.
The eleven gods then follow - mocking, destroying, annihilating.

The twelve are distinguishing, as the serpent splay it s oriface.
The seven returns to zero, as the cosmic turbulence fades.

Spirits are burning in black flames - souls of false matter abolishes into nothing.
Weakling gods of cosmic ways devoured by forgotten malignity.

Nothingness stands - bearers of the black light are coming, followed by everlasting Chaos.