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According to Him - Craft

According to Him

Fuck The Universe
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Swedish Black Metal band: Craft, formed AS "Nocta" in 1994, is a Swedish black metal band from Dalecarlia, Sweden. Their lyrical theme engulfs issues such as destruction, death and evil. British rock band: Craft was a British rock band formed by William Gilmour after leaving The Enid, together with Grant McKay Gilmour and Martin Russell. The band produced a self-titled mini-album in 1984 featuring Enid-style instrumentals based on six Signs of the Zodiac: "Aries", "Taurus", "Gemini", "Cancer", "Leo" and "Virgo". Show more ...

According to Him - Craft

Do you live your life in god s filth?
Do you live according to Him?
Do the codes of man please you?
Or do you lead a life in "sin"?
Do you find pleasure in the rising sun?
Or do you curse the day it all begun?
Do you understand humanitarian ways?
Or do you feel the urge to destroy?

Do you feel like you are home?
Or are you only a visitor?
Do you look to the stars filled with awe?
Or do you will to ascend above?
Do you wish to be loved?
Do you care?
Or does your hatred feed your strength?
Do the cosmic laws apply to you?
Or is the All of Chaos for you?