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When Heaven's Not Far Away - Cold

When Heaven's Not Far Away

A Different Kind of Pain
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There are at least 10 artists called "Cold". Cold [1] are from Jacksonville, Florida, USA. With the release of their self-titled debut, "Cold," in 1998, the band quickly became known for its angsty lyrics and the singer's distinctive voice. "Cold" has obvious touches of grunge, but on the following album, "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage," Cold changed towards a more ambivalent, and in some ways, alternative hard rock with slightly calmer, angst inspired songs. Show more ...

When Heaven's Not Far Away - Cold

If you slip away in dark ness do you fall
And if god created love, did he make it for everyone
Is there solitude and hope can you still dream
If the devil makes you cry do you change?

In my own shame when heavens not far away

Do the lil things in life stay with you soul
Does an angel hold a sign with directions for everyone
Is there someone there to have and hold for me
If the stars refuse to shine do you change?