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Passing the Hat - Cold War Kids

Passing the Hat

Robbers & Cowards
indie indie rock rock alternative cold war kids

Formed in 2004, the band's breakthrough debut Robbers & Cowards was released to considerable acclaim in 2006. The darker Loyalty To Loyalty followed two years later, and 2011's Mine Is Yours introduced deeper anthemic qualities to the eclectic group's catalog. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, which features the rollicking, energetic single "Miracle Mile," is Cold War Kids' first release with former Modest Mouse and Murder City Devils guitarist Dann Gallucci, who also handled its production alongside Lars Stalfors. Show more ...

Passing the Hat - Cold War Kids

Look up from the hymnal, look 'round at the faces of families closing their eyes
We're taking Communion and passing the offering hat around at the same time

I reached for the hat and take all the cash
And slide it into my ragged coat sleeve
And leave in its place a note to explain
All of the reasons that stealing has led me to leave
If there was a worthy cause for to give to
May I be so bold as to say
The givers not knowing where their money's going
Is as sinful as throwing away

Stained glasses shine on my red wine
And the sweat of my brow drips to my shaking knees
A small sacrifice to benefit one man's journey away from America's seas

Sweet sweet sigh of relief
Sweet sweet O Baltic Sea
Sweet sweet sigh of relief
Sweet sweet O Baltic Sea
Sweet sweet sigh of relief
Sweet sweet O Baltic Sea

Nobody here knows my name
Call it right or wrong
I bought my ticket just the same