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L.A. Shaker - Cobra Killer

L.A. Shaker

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The Cobra Killer duo of Gina V. D'Orio and Annika Trost formed in Berlin, Germany in 1998 as part of Alec Empire's Digital hardcore movement. Both were part of other bands signed to Empire's Digital Hardcore label -- Gina was in EC8OR, and Annika was in Shizuo. Cobra Killer was arguably one of the most playful DHR bands, in contrast to the revolutionary bombast of most. When Empire's label cut back on its bands, many of the DHR groups folded, but V'Orio and Trost kept going. Show more ...

L.A. Shaker - Cobra Killer

Four corners and a king-sized bed.
A china-lamp breaks beside my head.
All those fragments on the floor.
Who closed that curtain and the balcony-door?

The tiles were made to make me slip.
Fitted carpet takes me in sips.
I should have known in the early state:
This room was made to liquidate.

Arsenic in a four-star-meal.
The law doesn't allow to appeal.
Cyanide through the air-condition.
L. A. Is shaking in its best tradition.

I drink acid out of the tab.
I carry my face in a plastic-bag.
No escape, they owe my fingertip.
I'm damned to dance on Sunset Strip.

Sidewalk-desserts, automobiles stalk.
Lights are orders: walk- don't walk.
Paramount pictures from the suicide hill.
The angels came up just to kill.

L. A. Shaker on the median-stripes.
L. A. Shaker on a video-tape.
L. A. Shaker in a sushi-bar.
L. A. Shaker with his shades on the beach