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Now Hear In - Cloud Nothings

Now Hear In

Here and Nowhere Else
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"This song started as an acoustic guitar part about a year and a half ago. I wrote it in France on a guitar I borrowed from a friend of mine, and it kind of kickstarted the whole writing process for the record. The guitar was a piece of junk, but the weird idiosyncrasies of it made me play a little differently than I had previously, opening up doors to the way I play throughout the record." - Dylan Baldi

Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan Baldi started Cloud Nothings as a way to amuse himself between classes at Case Western Reserve University in 2009. The first batch of Cloud Nothings songs, including the blogosphere favorite "Hey Cool Kid" (available on the 2010 compilation "Turning On"), was recorded on a computer in the basement of Baldi's home in Westlake, OH. A concert promoter who invited Cloud Nothings to play Show more ...

Now Hear In - Cloud Nothings

I go outside and see all these things that should be real
Come on you're a part of it can you [?] but can you feel
You're not the same as me but I know we share a thing


I can feel your pain, and I feel alright about it

We're moving quickly to sun
(Now hear in)
I feel there's nothing left to say
(Now hear in)
A simple life could be so strange
(Now hear in)
Refuse to [?]
(Now hear in)

You know there's nothing left to say