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Forced Labor - Circle Jerks

Forced Labor

Wild in the Streets
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Hermosa Beach, California, USA (1979–1990, 1994–1995, 2001–2010) The Circle Jerks were an American hardcore punk band, formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. The group was founded by former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and Red Kross guitarist Greg Hetson. They were among the preeminent hardcore punk bands of the LA scene in the late 1970s. The band broke up and reformed three times, sometimes with different bassists and/or drummers. Show more ...

Forced Labor - Circle Jerks

In a political state
Carries no weight
No consideration
Your future's at stake

Yanked out of school
For a factory before you can read
Once the world's shoven down your throat
You'll find that it's hard to breath

They'll march you to work
In sickness or in health
You're never paid what you're worth
No family wealth

Soon your wages support
The state
Support the party
Then you'll scream
Forget the C. W. P.
Tell'em for me,
I'd kill to be free
Tell'em for me
I'd kill to be free

No religion to comfort your mind
The communist manifesto will be read all the time

When consumer products cease to exists,
That's when the eastern blocks defects

Tell'em for me
I'll kill to be free
Tell'em for me
I'd kick ass to be free
Resist'em communism
Resist'em fascism
Resist'em nazism
Resist'em now