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I'm Out - Ciara

I'm Out

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Ciara Princess Harris (born October 25, 1985), who performs under the mononym Ciara, is a Grammy-Award winning, American singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, fashion model, music video director, actress and soon to be a fashion designer. Born in Austin, Texas, United States, Ciara made her debut in the summer of 2004 with the Billboard number-one single Goodies. The album Goodies was released in the United States on September 28, 2004, and in the UK on January 24, 2005. Show more ...

I'm Out - Ciara

[Intro: Ciara]
Ladies, it's your song, so as soon as this come on
You should get out on the floor, go and get your s*** on
If you know that you're better then the new girl that he on
Go 'head and tell him now, "You gon' miss me when I'm gone"

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Aye yo, Cici
Let me show you how to do a singing bitch greasy
You was by Lenox, yeah, the one on Peachtree
I was with Dimitri
Seen you on your Love & Hip Hop, Mendecees
"F-f-f-fuck these petty niggas" is a bitch motto
If I say it on wax, every bitch follow
If I'm sipping in the club, Myx Moscato
I got a big fat ass, big dicks follow
Hit them with the back shots, hit them with the ass shots
Take them to the bank then I hit them with the cash drops
I do it big, I hit them with the caps lock
I'm gonna ball, I hit them with the mascot
No, I never been there, but I like to Bangkok
Big fat titties when they hanging out my tank top
You gon' play me, on Instagram niggas trying to shade me
But your bitch at home trying to play me, I'm Nicki M Weezy F, baby
Man, fuck you and your lady, gun butt you, cause you're shady
Now which bitch want it, cause that bitch get it
I gave him to you, bitch, don't fucking forget it

[Verse 2: Ciara]
I just went through a break up (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
But it's okay, I got my cake up (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
Do my hair, put on some makeup (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
Trying to see where tonight gonna take us (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
I put some pics up looking s*** (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
Now this nigga wanna text me (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
How much you wanna bet me? (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
He gonna regret the day he left me (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah, ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)

[Hook: Ciara]
Celebratin' our breakin' up, oh whoa
Bartender, go 'head and pour me a little more
Tonight we gon' have us a good time
Let's have a toast to our goodbyes, oh whoa
Ladies, it's your song, so as soon as this come on
You should get out on the floor, gon' and get your s*** on
If you know that you better then the new girl that he on
Go 'head and tell him now "You gon' miss me when I'm gone" (I'm out)
I'm out
(M-m-m-miss me when I'm gone) I'm out
I'm out

[Verse 2: Ciara]
Now tell me, do my ladies run this (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
Not even Hammer can touch this (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
We standin' up on all the couches (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
Tomorrow you gon' hear about this (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
This is what you hearin' through your speakers (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
That's why we dancin' til our feet hurt (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
See I found out he was my problem (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)
Tonight I came out here to solve him (Ooh yeah-yeah-yeah, ooh yeah-yeah-yeah)


The way I put it on you got you goin' trippy, trippy (whoa)
You wanna come for it, wishin' you could get it, get it (whoa)
I got you hot, make you stop when you see me, see me
You got your hand up, talking 'bout, "Gimme, gimme"

[Outro: Nicki Minaj (& Ciara)]
{Ladies, it's your song, so as soon as this come on}
Say "fuck these petty niggas" if these niggas did you wrong
If he got a new bitch, then tell that bitch meet you outside
And pop her like a molly 'til them bitches recognize
Grinning (I'm out)
I'm winning - the end and the beginning
I send them on an errand then I son them like my children
You couldn't get a fan if it was hanging from the ceiling (I'm out)