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CC Rider - Chuck Willis

CC Rider

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soul 50s 1957 acclaimed music top 3000 critically acclaimed song

Harold (Chuck) Willis (January 31, 1928 – April 10, 1958) was an American blues, rhythm and blues, and rock singer and songwriter; he was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His most successful recording was "C. C. Rider," which topped the rhythm and blues chart in 1957 and also sold well in the pop market. He died suddenly of peritonitis while at the peak of his career, just after "What Am I Living For?", backed by "Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes", was released. Show more ...

CC Rider - Chuck Willis

Yeah, C. C. Rider
Girl, see what you have done
Yes, yes, yes, C. C. Rider
See what you have done

Girl, you made me love you
Now your man has come

Well, I'm going away, baby
And I won't be back till fall
Yes, darling, going away, baby
And won't be back till fall

If I find me a good girl
I won't be back at all

C.C. Rider, C.C. Rider
Yeah, baby
C.C. Rider, C.C. Rider
C.C. Rider, C.C. Rider

Well, C. C. Rider
Girl, the moon is shining bright
Lord, Lord, Lord, C. C. Rider
The moon is shining bright

If I could just walk with you
Everything will be all right

C.C. Rider, C. Rider
C.C. Rider, C. Rider...