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Enter In - Chuck Girard

Enter In

Fire & Light
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Chuck Girard is a pioneer of Contemporary Christian Music. He began a spiritual quest as a hippie in the 60’s. His journey through Eastern philosophies, Mysticism, New Age, etc., resulted in a conversion to Christianity in 1970 at the famous Jesus Movement Church, Calvary Chapel,. in Costa Mesa, CA. He was a founding member of “Love Song” the very first Christian rock band to become famous in the U.S., which was spawned out of Calvary Chapel. Show more ...

Enter In - Chuck Girard

[written by chuck girard]


En... Ter... In,
To the throne room of the father,

En... Ter... In,
To the presence of the king

Come behind the veil, and walk with me,
In the cool of the day, I'll walk with you.

For where I am is paradise,
Look into my eyes, look into my eyes
How I long for you, as you long for me

Won't you take the time to visit for awhile,
For your precious presence,
Brings joy to my heart
Oh now my child, come on through


Come behind the veil, and be my love
In the secret place, I wait for you,

Be one with me, for I'm in you,
And you're in me, and we are... One

When you dwell with me, and I dwell with you
All the pain life will surely have to flee
For between the wings of the cherubim
Is that place of peace that place of rest
Right here with me