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From Ay To Bee - Camouflage

From Ay To Bee

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There have been at least three artists sharing the name Camouflage; The name is used by a German synthpop band, a Japanese idol group based in Nagoya whose name is officially styled as "CAMOUFLAGE", and a Swedish new wave band (later named Tapirerna). German: The German synthpop trio Camouflage was officially formed in 1984 by vocalist Marcus Meyn and keyboardists/programmers Heiko Maile and Oliver Kreyssig. The group took first place in a radio-sponsored song contest in 1986 Show more ...

From Ay To Bee - Camouflage

The lonely day I've met you
Has changed my world
I can't exist without your smile
You pushed me up
You filled my days
You realize the right things
Which can help me everywhere.
Visions have incensed and destroyed
My mind
Voices would only explain
I have restricted the feelings
Of shame
But we can't
Put back the time.