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Mona Lisa - Britney Spears

Mona Lisa

Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
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"Mona Lisa" is the ONLY song from the "Original Doll" recording sessions that has been released (there are fake 'Original Doll' track listings on the internet that are mostly compilations of leaked songs or b-sides but none of them are real). Despite what some fans or fan sites have said, no other songs that have been released were intended for the "Original Doll" album. The titles of the songs meant for the album, which is only half complete, are unknown. "Just weeks after Britney Spears announced that she was taking an extended break from her career to focus on her family, she's plunging into work on a new album. A spokesperson from Jive Records confirmed that Spears is in the "very early" stages of working on an album, which is not yet on the label's release schedule. In a surprise visit, Spears played a rough mix of a song from the album Thursday night on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles to get some fan reaction. "We got a call on the request line from Britney Spears saying she wanted to come by and play her new song," KIIS-FM music director Julie Pilat said. "Then she showed up and world-premiered her new song," which is called "Mona Lisa." "It definitely has the raw thing going on it," Spears said during her station visit. "I recorded this song when I was on tour, right before I hurt my knee. It was done, I think, four or five months ago. My band, we didn't use ProTools or anything with it. It's all live. There's a lot of stuff you can do to make it better. It's going to get better. It will get better” this is a really, really rough mix." Spears dedicated the song "a slinky, midtempo number with a descending synth line "to all the "legends and icons out there." The song's lyrics begin, "Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a story to tell/ About Mona Lisa, and how she suddenly fell/ See, everyone knew her, they knew her so well/ Now I am taking over to release her from her spell." The song continues to lament Mona Lisa's "fall," calling her "unforgettable" and "unpredictable," and cautions listeners not to have a "breakdown": "You will hit the freakin' wall." Though Spears said she wants "Mona Lisa" to be the first single from the new album, she hasn't yet decided on a title for the project, though she's leaning toward The Original Doll. "It's untitled right now," she said during her visit to KIIS-FM. "It's not even all the way done." She also said that she hoped to release the album "probably before summertime, or maybe a little sooner than that." On December 30, 2004, Britney appeared on a radio station to premiere a demo of a new song titled "Mona Lisa" (the finished version of this song was later released on the Japanese "Someday (I Will Understand)" single and on the "Chaotic" EP). She gave an interview there, saying she was halfway done recording her next album "The Original Doll" and it would be released very soon. Her record label released a statement saying that Britney was in the "early stages" of recording a new album. They apparently were furious that she played unreleased material on the radio, and the album went unreleased. It's speculated that the album had either a very electro-pop or more organic feel (and that the album would be much more personal), but Britney decided not to release it when she became pregnant with her first child. It's also thought that Jive wanted to scrap the entire project because they weren't happy with the material she recorded and also because her "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" album was released only a few months earlier (both of these speculations are most likely the true reason for the album being unreleased). From

Britney Jean Spears (born on December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, United States) is a Grammy-winning multi-platinum American pop singer, songwriter, dancer and occasional actress. She debuted in 1998 with her single ...Baby One More Time. She is one of the most influential and popular post-2000 icons of music. She also holds several world records. She has officially released nine studio albums to date:"...Baby One More Time" (1999), "Oops!. Show more ...

Mona Lisa - Britney Spears

[Intro (spoken)]
This is the story about... Mona Lisa

That was her name...

Mona Lisa

[verse 1]
Ladies and Gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell
About Mona Lisa, and how she suddenly fell (huh)
See everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well
Now I am taking over, to release her from her spell

She's unforgettable, she's a legend though
It's kinda pitiful that she's gone
It's kinda incredible
She's so predictable (yeah, yeah)
It's time to let her go (yeah) 'cause she's gone, 'cause she's gone, 'cause she's gone

[Verse 2]
She was taken under, drowning in her seat (huh)
Running like an angel, she was crying but she could not see (oh no!)
Now see everyone's watching, as she starts to fall
Now don't have a breakdown
You will hit the freakin wall

[repeat chorus]

[verse 3]
Now Ladies does that make you cryyyyyyy? (huh)
Now Fellas you gotta say goodbyeeeee
'cause Mona Lisa's got to flyyyyy
Everyone, may we have a moment of silence? Right Here.

[repeat chorus 2x]