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Low Desert Punk - Brant Bjork

Low Desert Punk

Stoner Rock desert rock Brant Bjork rock stoner

Brant Bjork (born March 19, 1973) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Palm Desert, California. He is perhaps best known as the drummer and founder of the influential Californian stoner rock band Kyuss. Bjork played in Vista Chino, along with former Kyuss vocalist John Garcia. Until October 2014 when Nick Oliveri announced that there was a falling out and that Bjork and Garcia would continue working on their solo projects. Show more ...

Low Desert Punk - Brant Bjork

[Verse 1]

Get a load of this man...

Well I'm getting up when the sun goes down
And I shine 'em up, and I hit the town
Well I trim it clean, then I roll it up
And then I take it nice and slow, so what the fuck man

[Verse 2]

So just give me the time, and I'll get you right
And you'll just might have to push your luck tonight
A shot of Sauza to pull me through
Then I'll fly my magic carpet on over to you baby, yea


I'm gonna let the stars show me the way
And I'm gonna drop in on your palace
And I'm gonna be your slave, that's right

[Verse 3]

Cause I've hit it up, in Bermuda Dunes
And I stain the sand of this land with all the blood that I lose
A little sugar to set me free, yea set me free
But you got some spice, and that's what I need baby, yea, yea, alright