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Automatic Fantastic - Brant Bjork

Automatic Fantastic

Stoner Rock desert rock stoner rock Brant Bjork

Brant Bjork (born March 19, 1973) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Palm Desert, California. He is perhaps best known as the drummer and founder of the influential Californian stoner rock band Kyuss. Bjork played in Vista Chino, along with former Kyuss vocalist John Garcia. Until October 2014 when Nick Oliveri announced that there was a falling out and that Bjork and Garcia would continue working on their solo projects. Show more ...

Automatic Fantastic - Brant Bjork

[Verse 1]

When the needle hits wax it won't be long
You got your radio tuned but it won't play this song
It's the sweetest sound you ever heard
And the metal flaked cherries, always pass the word

[Verse 2]

You rub your genie down to get the news
It's time to ride with the strange dudes
Suns up, and we like it hot
And we take our time... Cause it's what we got

[Verse 3]

Yea the man shakes me down and that's why I'm broke
The rich mans got all the green, but it ain't the kind ya smoke
So we turn up the rock, and we roll it slow
And we're always flying high... and the ride's always low