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Go Away - Bound for Glory

Go Away

Beer Bottles and Hockey Sticks (feat. Mistreat)

Bound For Glory is a Minnesota-based RAC-band that was formed in 1989 and still active. One of the most active white power bands during the 1990s, their output has tailed off. The band is led by Ed Wolbank, at one time the director of the Northern Hammerskins in St. Paul, Minnesota. Erik Banks, Bound For Glory’s original vocalist, was murdered in 1993 in Portland, Oregon. The band had their own production company, Bound for Glory (BFG) Productions, which was sold to Panzerfaust Records in 2005. Show more ...

Go Away - Bound for Glory

Don't offer your hand to me, I don't want to know your name
You look like you crawled out from under a rock
Go back into your cave
Your skin is yellow and your teeth are brown
Your breath is so bad it can knock me down
Your face is so ugly it can scare a crow
You're the last guy on Earth that I want to know

Woah oh-oh, I can smell your likes every time you get near
Woah oh-oh, can't you get the message? You're not wanted here
Woah oh-oh, I have no interest in what you say
Woah oh-oh, do us all a favor and go away

Hey ugly have you seen your face?
I think you could use a shave
I bet you havn't used any soap in a while
When's the last time that you bathed?
How 'bout your girl, she's looking rather large
How much does she weigh?
Has she been eating all the food while you've been wasting away?

(Repeat Chorus)

Why is it that when you're looking at me, that I can only see one eye?
And when I'm looking at the other one
It's pointed at the sky
Your clothes are dirty you're such a slob
Get off your ass and get a job
You look like you're sleeping on the street
I'm tired of all the trash that I meet

(Repeat Chorus)