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Cursed Sleep - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Cursed Sleep

The Letting Go
folk singer-songwriter Alt-country indie Bonnie Prince billy

Will Oldham (born 24 December 1970, Louisville, Kentucky) is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and musician. His music is often (perhaps inappropriately) placed under the genre of "alt-country". Oldham has recorded under many names, including Palace, Palace Music, Palace Brothers, and Bonnie Billy. He often plays and records with other musicians, including David Pajo and his brothers Ned and Paul Oldham, but is generally the chief creator of the music. Show more ...

Cursed Sleep - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Backing vocals: Dawn Mccarthy

I slept sweetly unpretending
That the night was always ending
She breathes lightly right next to me
And I dreamed of her inside of me

And in my dream she sang so sweetly
A melody I hope to sing
So enslaved by her sweet wonder
It cut my legs and?? Hunger

She sang my name and so engulfed
And I cried and felt my legs fail
In her arms I trembled electric
And she led me and she held me

Then waking she was older still
And holds my love against it's will
In spell cast with her palms extended
Cursed love is never ended

Cursed eyes are never closing
Cursed arms are never closing
Cursed children never rising
Cursed me never despising

Oh I am loving always holding
Epic song it tells of how
Of she and I are living now

[Dawn: cursed love (repeat)]