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Gotta New Girl - Bobby Day

Gotta New Girl

Rockin' Robin: The Very Best of Bobby Day
50s Rock n Roll

Robert James Byrd, Sr. (born July 1, 1928 in Fort Worth, Texas; died July 27, 1990 in Los Angeles, California) was an early African American Rock & Roll and R&B singer-songwriter. As a member of the group The Hollywood Flames he used the stage name Bobby Day to perform and record. He went several years with minor musical success limited to the West Coast, including being the original Bob in the duo Bob & Earl. Day is most remembered for his 1958 recording of the hit song Rockin' Robin Show more ...

Gotta New Girl - Bobby Day

Hmm mmm...

Oh, oh, oh...

Well, I went to the dance
It was half past eight
My little girl had put me down

When I walked through the door
I was glad I wasn't with her
Because I saw her just in time

I started singing (oh, oh...)
Gonna find me a new girl tonight

She was sitting in
The corner all by herself
She was looking all around

I asked a little chick
I says, who is that
She said, her, she's new in town

I winked at her
She blinked her pretty eyes
Cold chills ran down my spine

I moved closer and closer
Step by step
I couldn't believe
She was so doggone fine

I started shouting (oh, oh...)
Gonna find me a new girl tonight

When I asked her her name
I could hardly see cause
Her beauty had made me blind

She whispered in my ear
With a real sweet voice that
I could make hers
The same as mine

(Oh, oh...)
Everything is gonna be all right
Then she kissed me
I got a new girl now

Everything is gonna be all right
Cause I got a new girl now