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Fell Out - Bleach

Fell Out

Again, for the First Time
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Bleach is the name of more than one band: a British shoegaze group, an all-girl Japanese rock trio and an American Christian rock group. 1. Bleach (UK) The British shoegaze band Bleach was formed in Ipswich in 1989 by brothers Neil (guitar) and Nick Singleton (bass) together with former Anglian TV researcher Salli Carson (vocals) and drummer Steve Scott. Between 1990 and 1993 the band produced two EPs, a mini-album and two full length albums, plus several singles. There was also a compilation album of singles. Show more ...

Fell Out - Bleach

What's wrong with me, I just been layin' around
Wishin it'd be like it was before I fell out
Now is there any chance, that I can find romance
Like we had back then, oh I want it again
You said you'd hold on to me
You always wanted for it to be oh, oh
You said you'd never let go
So now I want you to know that I can't stand it
I am sorry
I know I walked out on you
What's wrong with me
I just can't figure it out
No motivation to change it since I fell out
So is there any chance that I can make amends for what I've become,
I know you are the one that said you'd hold on to me
You always wanted for it to be oh, oh
You never ever let go,
So now I want you to know
And I, been hopin' this ant hopeless
I been dreamin' that you know this much is true
I'm still inlove
And I, I been dreamin'
That this thing wont lose it's meaning
Tell me what I've got to do, I'm so inlove.