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My Stigmas Bleeding Black - Behexen

My Stigmas Bleeding Black

My Soul For His Glory
black metal Finnish Black Metal behexen metal raw black metal

The current line-up is: Hoath Torog - Vocals Wraath - Guitars (Celestial Bloodshed / One Tail, One Head) Horns - Drums The unattractive worm of Behexen hatched out in 1994 with members Torog, Horns & Reaper. The first expression of frustrating hate "Reality is in Evil" was despaired in '95 by the ugly larva. The worm remained but went through mutation and vomited the depression "Eternal Realm" in '97. After that worm created the dobbelganger and continued to brutalize infecting the insulting "Blessed be the Darkness" in '98 Show more ...

My Stigmas Bleeding Black - Behexen

Ave, salus infirmorum, miserere nobis!

The wounds of the suffering are open
My stigmas bleeding black
Wounds from the five blades,
Of the inverted star

The Devils black vomit
Flowing from the wounds
The hammer of Satan
Has struck me by it's brute strength

Master! Guide my hands to your deeds
Terrifying cruelities
For I am your spear
And I am your born

The sacred light of Lucifer
Burns my skin in blisters
Boil my flesh in your hatred
Let your spirit live free in me

Black and stabbing chains
From the pentagram to my limbs
Through the wounds of devotion
Towards the evil destiny