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My Soul For His Glory - Behexen

My Soul For His Glory

My Soul For His Glory
black metal Finnish Black Metal melodic black metal Orthodox Black Metal metal

The current line-up is: Hoath Torog - Vocals Wraath - Guitars (Celestial Bloodshed / One Tail, One Head) Horns - Drums The unattractive worm of Behexen hatched out in 1994 with members Torog, Horns & Reaper. The first expression of frustrating hate "Reality is in Evil" was despaired in '95 by the ugly larva. The worm remained but went through mutation and vomited the depression "Eternal Realm" in '97. After that worm created the dobbelganger and continued to brutalize infecting the insulting "Blessed be the Darkness" in '98 Show more ...

My Soul For His Glory - Behexen

I believe in the one clandestine
And the unspeakable Lord,
And in the star amongst stars,
Of which black flame
We all have been created,
And in to where we all will return.

The secret of secrets in his name, Lucifer!

I believe in the one convenant
Of the darkness, light, life and death.
In the temple of the black star,
And in it's mysteries.
And I believe in the serpent,
The poisoner of the lion, in his name, Satan...

The hands squeezed in to the prayer of devotion,
The wind directed in to the black triangle,
The mystery of the matter.
With ceverence I kneel...
My soul for his victory...

A father of man, bring your bright torch for us,
And fill our temple with your infinite wisdom.
Guide us to you, in to the dark walls of the cosmos
Away from life, away from light, under your wings...