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Demonic Fleshtemple - Behexen

Demonic Fleshtemple

My Soul For His Glory
black metal true black metal raw black metal religious black metal metal

Guest vocals by Hellwind Inferion.

The current line-up is: Hoath Torog - Vocals Wraath - Guitars (Celestial Bloodshed / One Tail, One Head) Horns - Drums The unattractive worm of Behexen hatched out in 1994 with members Torog, Horns & Reaper. The first expression of frustrating hate "Reality is in Evil" was despaired in '95 by the ugly larva. The worm remained but went through mutation and vomited the depression "Eternal Realm" in '97. After that worm created the dobbelganger and continued to brutalize infecting the insulting "Blessed be the Darkness" in '98 Show more ...

Demonic Fleshtemple - Behexen

Called to the night in the past
Drawn from the depths,
From the sea of faceless beings
The shadow from the darkest realm

Spirit of oblivion
Seized the careless man
In the deepest pit of the soul
Feasting and holding it's nest

Obscure force of evil
Inhaling my life
Like a black aurrole around me
Aspiring my soul

Astral entity,... Will not return
To the place of darkness
Whence it came in that night
When the moon was so mystical
I stare into the mirror
And I see you right in front of me

You are watching back at me
From the demonic fleshtemple
Through the fiery eyes
The unclean spirit of evil...