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Peace of Mind - Bat for Lashes

Peace of Mind

Two Suns
indie female vocalists alternative british melancholic

This song, in which Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes) calls for peace of mind to all her beloved, started life as a demo. It was secretly recorded by Khan, whilst she was messing around with guitars in the studio with multi-instrumentalist Ben Christophers. She later added an all-black, gay gospel choir from New York who, according to the press release, looked like "Prince backing-singers from the '80s," and sounded like "a ramshackle Persuasions."

Bat for Lashes is a pseudonym of Brighton, UK, based singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist / visual artist Natasha Khan (b. 25 Oct 1979, in Hertfordshire, England). She made her début with single The Wizard (May 2006, She Bear/Drowned In Sound), following with albums Fur And Gold (Sept 2006, Echo), Two Suns (Apr 2009, Echo/Parlophone), and her latest album is The Haunted Man (Oct 2012, Echo/Parlophone). Khan graduated Brighton University, in music and visual arts Show more ...

Peace of Mind - Bat for Lashes

Look at this and look at us
We wonder, oh we're wondering
I don't like to say we're lost
Try my best with needing us

Build a ladder to the sky
Sit up there and say, oh my
Does looking down make me a queen?
All the sorrow that I see

If I ever get back down
Find a map that takes me back
Through the wounded, through the wars
To a time that came before

To hover bored into the sun
Come back when my time is done
A mother for this childless world
An arrow of light for every boy and girl

Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Peace of mind, oh
Peace of mind, oh
Peace of mind