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Backseat Bushwack - Avenue D

Backseat Bushwack

Grade D Beef
Electroclash electro electronic sex Slut Tronic

Avenue D was an electro duo formed by Debbie and Daphne D. They're originally from Miami but moved to New York City during the rise of the elecroclash scene in 2001. They create songs with energetic and sexual lyrics. With the exception of Slut, they have produced their own CDs that they burn on their home computers and have stick on CD covers. Even so, they sold 50,000 records worldwide and have collaborated with such artists as Boy George, Phiiliip, Lady Tigra of L'Trimm, and Cazwell. Show more ...

Backseat Bushwack - Avenue D

Fuck me at the parkinglot,
Fuck me at Mcdonalds
A cheeseburger I'll eat,
And my tits and ass you'll fondle

Fuck me at the laundromat,
Against the machine,
There's still another hour,
'Til my panties are clean.

I need it right now,
I just can't wait,
If you don't fuck me here,
I'll masturbate.

It'll be really hot,
If we don't get caught,
So take out your c***
And show me what you got!

Fuck me on the dancefloor,
Just be sneaky,
'Cuz I'm getting wet,
The way you dance so freaky.

Fuck me at the library,
Up against the stacks,
Check out the kama sutra
And shove it up my ass!


Pull over!
'Cuz you're driving too fast,
And it makes me horny,
When you step on the gas.

Turn on your hazard lights,

Take off your pants,
If the cops come by,
Just show 'em your ass.


I like it when they watch
(Backseat Bushwack!)

I like it to be seen
(Oo-ah, I like it like that!)

I can feel their eyes on me
(Backseat Bushwack!)

It makes my panties cream
(Oo-ah, I like it like that)

Oo-baby, you know,
(I like it when they watch)

I wanna Backseat Bushwack
(I like it to be seen)

The kind that makes me go-
(I like it when they watch)

Oo-ah I like it like that
(It makes my panties cream)

Oo-baby you know,
I wanna Backseat Bushwack!

The kind that makes me go,
Oo-ah, I like it like that

Oo-baby you know,
I wanna Backseat Bushwack!

The kind that makes me go,
Oo-ah, I like it like that