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Recent Bedroom - Atlas Sound

Recent Bedroom

Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel
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"Recent Bedroom", the lyrics deal directly, really minimally, with a specific experience I had when my aunt died a few years ago. I was with my family, and we were in her bedroom, and it was evening-- dusk. She was in her bedroom, and everybody knew she was about to pass away, and she went out, she faded out, and everybody just started crying. It's one of the few times in my life I've seen my dad actually break down into tears. I walked outside, because I was a little overwhelmed, and I tried to cry to myself. But I couldn't. I could not cry. And-- I'm not trying to present the lyrics, but it's like-- I didn't know why. I didn't know why I couldn't cry. I didn't know why I was lacking the emotion. This is a period when I was very involved in drugs; I felt like I'd killed off my childhood instinct, which would've been to cry. I felt like I'd hollowed myself out, and I felt empty. It's a song about emptiness, and moving from childhood to adolescence, and just that first transition where you start to feel a little bit emotionally vacant and detached. -Bradford Cox

Atlas Sound is the name of a musical solo project of Bradford Cox, the lead singer of Deerhunter. Cox was born in Athens, Georgia in 1982. In early 2008 he released his first album entitled Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel on indie-labels Kranky and 4AD. His second album, Logos, was released in fall 2009 to critical acclaim. In explaining his reasoning for a solo project, Cox has stated, "It's just that I have ideas that I can't make work with a five-piece rock band. Show more ...

Recent Bedroom - Atlas Sound

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