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FTW - Armagedda


Only True Believers

Once known as Volkermord, Armagedda was a black metal band from Norrland, Sweden. The band released several splits, EP's and three well-received albums during their existence. In 2000 Graav formed LIK, a black metal project with rock influence. After the split-up of Armagedda, A. and Graav formed a folk rock/metal project Lönndom together. A. has a project named De Arma. He have also played in both Whirling and Leviathan, a project of ex-Armagedda member Phycon. Show more ...

FTW - Armagedda

Into the void, where silence dwells
I can see the world, lurking behind

My bleeding eyes
It's disgusting appearance
Wanna make it dissapear
Put out all life


Into the void, where silence dwells
No light...Darkness
I will follow the path to nothing and everything!