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Early Grave - Architects

Early Grave

Hollow Crown
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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Architects are a Progressive Metalcore band from Brighton, England. 2) Architects were a -violence band brought up with members of Austin, Texas' own Toru Okada. Now known as the band Faithealer. 3) Architects (also The Architects) is also the name used by a Kansas City Soul Rock band who've released 4 albums (Keys To The Building 2005, Revenge 2006, Vice 2007 and The Hard Way 2009). 1)They were Show more ...

Early Grave - Architects

I've been out for so long, days slipped by again
And I can't sleep since I stopped caring
I'll stay out until my lungs bleed
And I can't tell daylight from streetlights anymore
As he cast his shadow

I've seen this road a thousand times and I can't look back
I've seen this road a thousand times and I can't, I'm not looking back

This is so unfamiliar; death is no man's friend
Yet I'll stay here until I hear him roar

Death is screaming my name but I refuse to listen to him

I can't sit here forever
Watch me rise again
Watch me rise back up
Forever would be just be so easy to fall into
But still I'll stay out until my lungs bleed
Forever is the easy option but I won't take it

The choices I've made will lead me to an early fucking grave