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Flesh Canoe - Animal Collective

Flesh Canoe

experimental indie freak folk psychedelic folk

Animal Collective is a musical group which formed in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in 1999. The band consists of Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Avey Tare (David Portner), Deakin (Josh Dibb) and Geologist (Brian Weitz). Records released under the name Animal Collective may include contributions from any or all of these members; the lineup is not uniform. The band has released eleven albums: "Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished" (2000), "Danse Manatee" (2001) Show more ...

Flesh Canoe - Animal Collective

Young red blood
They're just natural feelings
I can't keep from changing
My brains bending my wants
With my rights
All my friends still half-right
Should I keep 'em seperate
From me
It's unclear that I get a cold
Can I get a light
It's a certain type of easy pace
It's what we need to make it
Come in close
I trust you
Your nose dipped in
My sweat, it
Dripped on your
Beautiful sack (sweater)
Kind of nice
Should I really
Lie with you?
I never know
When I'm on my own
Are there more important things to do
Than kiss and sleep today
We gotta wake up
And I talk to your breath
And we enjoy the air
And I creep on your chest
To the hut I have where
I Pluck a few notes
On the strands of your hair
And I'm singing to you
What to do
If I asked you to make funny faces with me in the mirror of the bathroom
I know you're next you
Make me feel alright uh
You just like me
Never gonna pick
One kind of fruit
Like a mushed banana on your tooth
And you like the sting of the cherry juice
And you never eat an apple that's just one color
Young red bird, they're
Just natural feelings
Like walking off to ride my bike
Or just bump into you
Haven't seen you in a week or three days
Though it really bugs me
It's nice to find new ways to smile
I keep thinking that when
You feel sad you can pout
'Cause what this songs about is
Me singing. I'm just wondering what to do with
You myself and me naked in the mirror of the bathroom