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Son Of The World - Adrian Snell

Son Of The World

The Passion
christian contemporary christian easter 1980 British Christian music

Adrian Snell (born 1954 in Northwood, Middlesex, England) is an English pianist, keyboard player, singer and composer. Classically trained at the Leeds College of Music and with a music diploma to his name (LGSM), Adrian's musical career spans twenty-five years. During this time he has produced six major concept works and thirteen solo albums. He has performed extensively in the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States, Australia, and throughout Europe, and has had many TV and radio performances world-wide. Show more ...

Son Of The World - Adrian Snell

[Mary, Mother of Jesus:]
Son of my heart where are you roaming?
I have wandered many paths in search of you
Rising with the sun as the early flowers open
You wander lonely through our country
With words I cannot understand
Son of my heart.

Son of my life I love you dearly
Love so deep I don't know how to say
I want you close to my heart and walking by me
Yet ways are strange, your people change
Son of my life,
Son of my life.

Son of the world I was your mother
Mine was the pain that once unlocked you to the world
And no I see a stranger held in chains and taken from me
What words remain when daylight fades
Son of the world.

And now I see a stranger held in chains and taken from me
Where ids the child I gave my life to?
What words remain when daylight fades?
Son of the world