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Sound the Alarm - Adept

Sound the Alarm

Another Year of Disaster
post-hardcore screamo emocore metalcore Adept

Adept is the name of more than one artist 1) Swedish metalcore 2) Dutch electronic act 3) trance/ambient 4) hip-hop 1) Adept is a swedish Post-Hardcore band that was formed in the year of 2004. The early years the released three demos named "Hopeless Illusions", "When The Sun Gave Up The Sky" and "The Rose Will Decay". In 2008 they signed themself a record deal with the "Panic & Action"-label, which they are still currently signed to. They released their debut album "Another Year of Disaster" the year after. Show more ...

Sound the Alarm - Adept

Hold tight, miss cheater! You forgot
To wipe the scent of your lover from your chest
I guess I never believed you had it in you.
Burn the charade.
Ignore your own fire
As the words from your lips
Ignores all the questions.
I know what you're up to,
You ignorant s***.
You never tasted so shallow.
You have death on you lips,


I always trusted every word you said,
You gave me hope for the future
So how could I swallow every single spit
Of syllables from her tainted mouth?
When all her words were fucking bollocks!

Here's to you and taking the easy way out!
We raise our glass this is a toast to all unfaithful ones.
With every inch of all our hearts still beating we will sing, we'll sing
(Goodbye my beautiful. Goodbye my beautiful.)

There's no one who will stand right beside you
When all comes to how you're treating your loved ones
You're slipping away, can you feel how you're fading?
Important to none, you're dust in the wind.

I put me trust in how the way she smile
It gave me strength for the future.
But waves are crashing in and we are drowning by the minute.
Do you have a hand to hold on to?
For I have mine, you're fucking dead to me!
You're fucking dead

And as a heart need it's beating surely yours will stop
I know I have said it before but mark my words
If shutting you up will be the last thing I ever do,
I will wrap the silence around your throat
And leave you breathless.
I will take every word from a lonely harlots mouth,
So pick your words wisely
For they will be your last, they will all be your fucking last.

The wind settles in, the clouds are getting closer
Sound the alarm we are the storm
Your taking the easy way out
We raise our glass this is a toast to all unfaithful ones.
With every inch of all our hearts still beating we will sing -
Goodbye my beautiful. Goodbye my beautiful.
All her words were fucking bollocks!