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Sacraments of the Final Atrocity - Abazagorath

Sacraments of the Final Atrocity

Sacraments of the Final Atrocity
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Abazagorath is a black metal band from New Jersey, USA. They formed in 1995. Current Line-up: Nihilist: vocals Morgul: guitar, vocals Nyarlathotep: bass, vocals Warhead: drums Ciemnosc: guitar Discography: Winter (Demo, 1996) Channelling the Ethereal Moons (EP, 1996) Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus (Full-length, 1997) The Spirit of Hate for Mankind (EP, 2002) My Throne Above the Stars (Demo, 2002) Rehearsal (Demo, 2002) The Ancient Cult (Best of/Compilation, 2003) Show more ...

Sacraments of the Final Atrocity - Abazagorath

Cathedrals debauched
Reconsecrated for evils devotion
As the end of times draws close
A new order takes hold

Anointed in blood
Baptized into the service of hell
Repent all goodness
Rejoice in thy sins most foul

Give us this day our daily bread
Cannibalize the putrid meat of the failed savior
We offer ourselves as soldiers of the un-christ
An army to incite the ultimate calamity

Sanctify us with your gift
Seven rites of passage to be endured
To make us one with you - eternally
The sacraments of the final atrocity

Case aside - the chains of servitude
Behold the new gospel in flames
Cauterize and eliminate meakness
Of a faith consigned to extinction

Immerse us in the bliss of insatiable vice
Pleasures of the flesh and blood thrust to levels unbound
Anoint the sick, sensibilities perverted
As twisted minds rejoice in the vile lunacy
Accept the vows of the unholy one
One word, one will to determine our fate

Conjure the apocalyptic fires of cleansing
Souls purified as the flesh burns away
As a shepherd who tends to his flock
Leads us into the glory of your kingdom