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Still Life - 40 Below Summer

Still Life

Invitation to the Dance
Nu Metal rock metalcore metal hard rock

40 Below Summer is a five-piece nu metal music group from New Jersey, USA. Formed in 1998, 40 Below Summer came together after drummer and Peruvian native Carlos Aguilar met with singer Max Illidge. Joey D'Amico later joined the duo, followed by Jordan Plingos and Puerto Rican-born Hector Graziani. Their first album Side Show Freaks (1999) and EP Rain (2000) were self released. Invitation to the Dance (2001-2002) Eventually, a deal was signed with London-Sire Records. Show more ...

Still Life - 40 Below Summer

Make this clear in a statement
And break me here through the pavement
And I can trust in the silence
And I ll adjust to the violence...
Inside... I can t deny... I ve burned

Alive in pain - but without you
I ll go insane reaching out to
I m almost gone - but believe me
I feel so wrong

I can t believe what you ve done to me
(Would you cut me - if you love me)
I can t believe this was meant for me
(Don t you touch me - don t you push me)
I can t believe what you ve done to me
(Would you cut me now)

Life! (Life) It passed away (Wrong)
Another chance at this life but it passed away (I m so alone)