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Rain - 40 Below Summer


The Mourning After
Nu Metal metal Nu-metal rapcore chill

40 Below Summer is a five-piece nu metal music group from New Jersey, USA. Formed in 1998, 40 Below Summer came together after drummer and Peruvian native Carlos Aguilar met with singer Max Illidge. Joey D'Amico later joined the duo, followed by Jordan Plingos and Puerto Rican-born Hector Graziani. Their first album Side Show Freaks (1999) and EP Rain (2000) were self released. Invitation to the Dance (2001-2002) Eventually, a deal was signed with London-Sire Records. Show more ...

Rain - 40 Below Summer

It s cold it s hard and I m locked inside this
I ve gone too far I can t rectify this
I walk away falling into
It s such a shame how I ll miss you
I feel shot can you reach me
You cannot bring me back
And I ll always sink into nothing
And I m on my knees again
And I can t believe that it s always
Under my skin
Don t leave me out, leave me hanging
Don t keep me down, down and dragging
You re so sure that I won t splinter
You re so good, you re so good
Shift time to come back in line
cause when I tried to embrace my life
Gonna dry up was it something you re fed
Got you sickened was it something I said
All it did was rain