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Jonesin' - 40 Below Summer


Invitation to the Dance
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40 Below Summer is a five-piece nu metal music group from New Jersey, USA. Formed in 1998, 40 Below Summer came together after drummer and Peruvian native Carlos Aguilar met with singer Max Illidge. Joey D'Amico later joined the duo, followed by Jordan Plingos and Puerto Rican-born Hector Graziani. Their first album Side Show Freaks (1999) and EP Rain (2000) were self released. Invitation to the Dance (2001-2002) Eventually, a deal was signed with London-Sire Records. Show more ...

Jonesin' - 40 Below Summer

And I want you - and I need to
Cut you and hold you in place - as I rip you apart
This blood on my face - but I loved you so hard
I can t escape - I m crawling inside
You can t erase - this night that you died

To blanket the obscure (I was the victim - you can t deny this)
To leave you enraptured (I was the victim - you can t deny this)
to open the obscene (blood on my hands - as I had to drive this)
Fade to wet dream (home)

I watched you die - shut up and stay there and bleed
As I open you up and I watch while you scream
I can t get enough of your face in my dreams
I m raping you blind - you can t believe
This night that you died

So far away.............

Rot, bitch....I m gonna make you rot